Easy Fabric Care Tips You Should Know

Easy Fabric Care Tips You Should Know

From crisp cottons to luxurious silk, the pile of potential projects can be a treasure on your shelf to create with, and just like other sewing tools, fabrics deserve a little bit of attention to keep them in a really good state.

To sewists out there, caring for your fabric doesn't have to be complicated or time draining. Here are a couple simple tips to ensure your fabrics stay fresh, vibrant, and ready to sew into heirloom-worthy projects.

Store with Tender Loving Care

  • Fabric foes: Avoid storing your fabrics in direct sunlight or damp areas. Both can fade colours and weaken fibres. Opt for cool, dry places like drawers, cabinets, or even under the bed!
  • Fold it up: Folding fabrics neatly takes up less space and prevents wrinkles. Think of it as origami practice for future projects!
  • Box clever: For delicate fabrics or special occasion materials, consider storing them in acid-free tissue paper or boxes
Straighten Out with Irons
  • Wrinkle rescue: A quick ironing session can work wonders on most fabrics. Always check the care label for recommended heat settings though!
  • Size matters: Ironing boards come in various sizes. If you work with a lot of larger fabrics, consider investing in a bigger board for maximum comfort.

Washing Woes? No Sweat!

  • Labels are your go-to: The care label is your best friend! It will tell you everything you need to know about washing your fabric, from water temperature to drying instructions.
  • Separate into sects: Wash similar fabrics together to avoid colour bleeding or snags. Darks with darks, lights with light pieces.
  • Air it out: Whenever possible, air-drying is gentler on fabrics than machine drying. Plus, the fresh scent of line-dried linens is simply unbeatable.

Fabric Favourites: Cotton & Linen Care Made Easy

We all have those fabric crushes – the cottons that feel like a hug and the linens that drape like a dream. But keeping these sewing superstars looking their best can feel like a mystery. Here's some tips on how to care for cotton and linen fabrics.

  • Washing Cotton: Check the label, but most cottons are happy campers in a cool or warm wash cycle. Separate lights and darks to avoid any unwanted colour surprises.
  • Drying dilemma? Skip the high heat! Cotton can shrink a bit, so air drying is ideal. If you must use the dryer, stick to low heat.

Tips for Linen: Luxurious and naturally cool, linen adds a touch of elegance to any project. Here's how to keep it looking spiffy:

  • Washing: Linen can wrinkle easily, so a gentle wash cycle with cool water is your friend. Woolite or a gentle detergent is a good call.
  • Drying: Similar to cotton, air drying is best for linen. However, a quick tumble on low heat can help with stubborn wrinkles. Here's a secret weapon – toss in a damp washcloth with your linen for extra wrinkle-fighting power!

Bonus Tip:  Both cotton and linen can benefit from a light ironing touch.  Always check the label for heat settings, and use a pressing cloth for darker colours to avoid shine.

Sew Easy, Sew Pretty

By following these simple tips, your cotton and linen fabrics will stay beautiful for project after project. Greatly maintained fabric also keeps you inspired to create non-stop. Remember, happy fabric equals happy sewing!

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